2.1.4 our newsletters

A few times a year we send out a newsletter to inform people who pray for us, our friends, relatives and others who are interested in our life and the things that move us at the moment. These newsletters have been published in German since 2008 and in English since April 2011.

For several years we have been using the program DeepL (www.deepl.com) as a great help in translating.

Here you find our actual English newsletter

You will find all our English newsletters here:

2011: April, August, December

2012: April, June, July, October, December

2013: January, February, March, June, July, September, November, December

2014: January, April, June, September, December

2015: January, February, May, June, September, December

2016: February, April, August, October, December

2017: February, May, August, December

2018: February, May, August, October, December

2019: February, April, July, October, December

2020: January, March, July, November, December

2021: March, June, August, December

2022: April, June, December

2023: April, November

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