2.4 privacy policy

Who we are

The internet address of our website is: https://hennig-lumsum-online.de.

On our website, we only inform about our life and write what seems important to us. We have no commercial interest and do not offer goods and services. We do not collect and process any data from others with this website.


We have deliberately not allowed others to post comments on our site, and we do not collect any data from those who visit this site.


Visitors cannot upload images to our website.

Embedded content from other websites

We do not publish embedded content from other websites here.

With whom we share your data

As we do not collect any data from you, we cannot share any.

How long we keep your data

As we do not collect any data from you, we cannot store your data.

What are your rights to your data?

Our website therefore does not collect or store any personal data from you, although you can request a copy of the personal data we have stored and that you have provided to us. However, if you contact us personally on your own initiative, we need to record your address and letter so that we can respond to you appropriately now and in the future. However, we treat this information confidentially.

Where we send your data

We do not collect or generate any personal data from you using our website that we can send anywhere. We do not pass on personal data that you send to us.

The main parts of our web site are:
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Our web site exists now in:  German  (Deutsch) , English , Dutch (Nederlands) and Swedish (Svenska).