2.1.1 who we are

Christine Margarete Hennig

In 2008, God gave me the vision to build a village for children in Thailand for Him, and in the same year He led me to our village Khaosamchan, where I have been living and working ever since. In Germany, I previously worked in an office, as a nurse for the elderly and as a cook.

Dr. Reiner Georg Hennig

In 2010, God led me to marry Christine, for whom I had prayed regularly before, and to go with her to Thailand. In Germany, I had previously worked as a physicist and as a high school teacher of mathematics, physics and history.

Here’s what’s important to both of us:

God is love, and His love is what we want to receive and pass on to the people we encounter.

God is good and means well with us, He is all-powerful and has everything under control, and He has the insight and knows what is needed and what is best now. Therefore, we want to be at God’s disposal so that He can do everything He wants through us, when He wants, how He wants, and where He wants.

We trust that God will give us everything we need: the provision of material things, but also the willingness to do the will of God and His love for everyone we encounter.

We want to be one with all those with whom Jesus is one, and love all those whom He loves.

We do not want to build our kingdom, but God’s kingdom; we do not want to seek our glory, but God’s glory; and we rejoice heartily when God blesses others.

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