Inner unity of the writers of the New Testament

If the writers of the New Testament all had the deeply shattering encounter with the same God and were shaped by this experience, it follows necessarily:

  1. They encounter the same reality of God, who is much greater than them and whom they cannot manipulate. Therefore, there is no contradiction between the messages they bring.
  2. Since these people are different, it is to be expected that the form of their testimonies will be different. If they have a different calling from God, it is also to be expected that their emphasis and content will be different.
  3. Since God always has in view the whole body of Christ with all its many different members and functions, it is to be expected that there is an inner unity among all the writers of the New Testament. On the other hand, it is to be expected that the different messages complement each other. Contradictions between the messages of the different writers must therefore be resolvable.
  4. This brings up the need to look together at the three major doctrinal letters addressed to Gentile Christians in the New Testament: Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, the 1st letter to Peter and the 1st letter to John. The situation of the world and Christianity is changing dramatically at the moment. So it seems urgent to listen anew to what God wants to tell us through these teaching letters.

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