2.2.1 Who is God?

God was before everything was.

At a certain time in the past, God created space and time and the entire universe.

God stands outside of space and time, but He sees everything in the universe at every moment and in every place. That is why He knows the very big connections and all the details, even the very smallest.

God can intervene anytime and anywhere, and nothing and no one can stop Him.

God is love. This love always wants the best for the one it loves. In God, there is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. These three persons live in perfect mutual love and perfect unity. In this relationship, everything is voluntary.

In this universe, God created a planet to give a good habitat to a great variety of plants and animals. God entrusted this habitat to Lucifer, an intelligent and diversely gifted spirit being who had many spirits as co-workers. It was intended that the living beings in this world lived in direct connection with God and received directly from God everything they needed to live. Thus, they were not at the mercy of decay and death.

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