The Bible seen by a historian

Historical thinking and work can show,

  1. that a correct description of history cannot exclude the possibility that God can do miracles in history,.
  2. that the divinity of Jesus is not an invention of the Christian Church, but the starting point of all Christian theology,
  3. that the authors of the writings of the New Testament were deeply shaken by the encounter with the reality of God in the person of Jesus and especially in His resurrection, so that lying was no longer possible for them. This means that these writings are excellent credible historical sources and their authors were those who are given as authors today,
  4. that the Gospels present a consistent and accurate picture of the person of Jesus and what He said and did,
  5. that the Epistle to the Ephesians must be regarded as Paul’s central teaching letter for the life of a Gentile Christian church,
  6. that an inner unity of the writers of the New Testament must be assumed. This means that the building of the church must be thought of based on the 3 great teaching letters to the Gentile Christian churches, namely the Epistle to the Epistles, the 1st Epistle to Peter and the 1st Epistle to John.

These historical results convinced me, that the present heavenly function of the church, that it has already now received God’s glory together with Jesus and is already now seated and reigning on the throne together with Jesus, has a much greater significance than widely assumed. We urgently need to regain the perspective of God. Only the view that the sufferings that God now allows are a great gift from God, so that in the long run we can better grasp God’s power and Love and much more of God’s radiance of light can emanate from us, makes us courageous to walk all paths with God.

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