Prophecies should be checked by all.

Prophecy is God’s word in the mouth of man. It is thus always also characterized by the manner of speaking of the one who utters it. Moreover, there is the danger that the one who utters this word wants to supplement or improve it with his own words, or that he takes a figment of his imagination for a word of God. Therefore, prophecy always needs testing (1.Cor. 14, 29). If the testing is done frequently, the one who is tested, as well as all those who test him, recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit better and better, and the Holy Spirit can speak more and more clearly. If there is usually no room for prophecy and its testing in a congregation’s worship service, a prophetic word will then be untested uncontrolled wild growth that will further discourage the congregation from engaging in prophecy further.

If we give the opportunity for prophetic words to be tested in public, and if we say at the same time that we want to learn to distinguish and to make it possible, especially for people who have had little or no experience with prophetic words, to say a word of which they are not 100% convinced that it comes from God, then this is a great opportunity to say words in a protected space, which are then tested by others. For those who want to take first steps with this gift, this is a great help.

Specifically, this might look like this: The leader of the service asks: Does any one of you have an impression or word? Then an individual can say the word or impression he or she got. After that, everyone else in the congregation should have the opportunity to say whether and to what extent they see this as something given by the Holy Spirit. Bible passages that contradict or confirm this word should be brought. Other church members can say whether they have exactly the same impression. In this circle, there is no shame in having misheard, because we are all learning here. Such a free atmosphere encourages everyone to be open to the Holy Spirit. And these sessions train the church members to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to discern whether the spirits that are speaking are from God.

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