2.2.2 How evil came into this world.

Lucifer and those who were his decided that they and the creation entrusted to them should live independently of God. For the living beings in this world, this meant that they had to maintain their life through energy that they found in this creation. For many animals, this meant that they had to eat other animals in order to survive. Since life in the living cells of plants and animals is no longer sustained directly by connection to the life of God, each living thing has only a limited lifetime and therefore must die one day. And the whole material world has the tendency that here everything decays in the course of time. There is only a limited amount of usable energy in this world, and this energy is decreasing more and more and will be used up one day.

Living independently of God led Lucifer and the ones who were his to try less and less to live the good, but to become more and more selfish and brutal and to rejoice in as much misfortune, pain, destruction and death as possible. Lucifer became Satan. God does not lie, because he does not need it. Satan, who ultimately has only death and destruction to offer, must cover this up if he wants to win others and therefore lies. These lies can lure man through the temptation for sex, possessions and power. In particular, the temptation to gain power, influence, and total control over other people, nations, or even the entire world is extremely effective. In many cases, the temptation is made particularly attractive by noble goals such as: Human liberation, elimination of oppressors, social justice, salvation of the world. Satan tries to get as many people as possible to commit themselves to him and serve his goals.

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