History tries to grasp what has happened. Therefore, it cannot exclude a supernatural intervention of God in this world. To claim that miracles cannot happen is therefore unhistorical, if these miracles have been credibly witnessed.

We ourselves belong to a considerable number of people who “live by faith”. This means for us that we have decided to ask God for everything we need for ourselves and our ministry in Thailand, and never ask people, and that we expect God to give us everything we need in due time. We have been living this for more than 13 years now, and we have only asked for help from others twice in that time. (For the poor in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Christine solicits donations on the Internet and forwards those donations to the recipients). A missionary couple told us, “We have been living by faith for 34 years now. The first year was hard, but since then we have been doing very well with it.”

Since physics is a science that describes reality, a natural scientist can say that miracles do not correspond to our normal experiences, but he cannot say that there are no miracles. I, Reiner, studied physics quite intensively and never had problems to think miracles of God are possible. With this I am in the very best company with Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell, who were among the greatest physicists ever. Modern natural science was founded by strongly believing Christians who did science as an expression of their devotion to God.

An atheism, which does not want to admit the miracles of God in the Bible, must pay attention whether he lives in wishful thinking, if he wants to keep God and his claims at bay with it.

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