What did God against it?

God created man who should learn to govern this creation in inner unity with God and to protect it from the corrupting influence of Satan. But man decided to live independently from God. Thus, Satan continued to rule in this world.

From Abraham, a man who trusted God, God made a people who should live according to God’s orders and be an invitation among the other peoples to live with God. In the end, this was also unsuccessful.

Finally, God Himself stepped in. God the Son took on our human nature forever and lived like us for about 30 years. After that, He was sent by God the Father to proclaim the reign of God, destroy the works of Satan, and invite people to God. He died the most shameful and cruel death that political power had to offer at that time, namely death on the cross. This death was a sacrifice for all people in this world. It means:

  1. Jesus took the guilt of all people upon Himself. All our outstanding accounts before God have been settled, and everyone may now come to God free of them.
  2. Our human nature is so corrupted that we are unable to truly do the will of God. Jesus carried away our old nature and gave us a share in His divine nature. With this, we can want and do what God wants and especially love God and other people with the love of God poured into our hearts.
  3. Thus, we are liberated from every curse and from the dominion of sickness. We are loosed from the dominion and control of Satan and are instead beloved children of God.
  4. We have become part of the great organism of the Body of Christ: and are joined as members to the Head, Jesus Christ. As members of His Body, we are never again without Jesus Christ, but have received His glory and His lordship together with Him.
  5. Bodily death does not separate us at all from this connection with Jesus Christ, but this relationship in love and security is valid forever. Therefore, no Christian needs to fear bodily death, but can look forward with all his heart to the day when he can see all that he has only believed until now.
  6. This work of Jesus is there for all people, but it only becomes effective for us when we claim it for ourselves and thank God for it.

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