Christian ministry

I believe that we really need all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and all the ministries of Jesus Christ if the Body of Christ is to become what God desires it to be.

If I want to be truly used by God, I must consider the following:

  1. I must be and abide in Christ. (Joh. 15,5)
  2. I must be ready for all the gifts and ministries God wants to give me.
  3. I must be faithful in the small things that I am living right now so that God can entrust me with greater things later. (Luk. 16, 10; Mt. 25, 21)
  4. I live my gifts and ministry in dependence on God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  5. It is not me who serves for Christ, but Christ Himself who speaks, loves and acts through me. This means that one stands more and more with empty hands before God, that one experiences a wonderful working of God, but knows exactly that one cannot attribute it to oneself. (Luk. 17, 10)
  6. I do not seek my glory but God’s glory, and build God’s kingdom and not my own. Otherwise, God might very quickly take away the blessing from my work.
  7. The spiritual quality of a servant of God is shown, among other things, by the fact that he is always ready to return his service to God when God asks this of him.

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