Songs in English

God has given songs and melodies to both of us.

Here you find English songs.

There are songs given to us in other languages, too:

German, ThaiEnglish,  Netherlands,  and Hebrew

Regarding reprint rights:

We do not want to deprive anyone of their rights and have therefore only reprinted foreign melodies or lyrics with the permission of the rights holders. However, we have both lived as Christians for many decades and have listened to a lot of music and sung many songs during this time. So we cannot exclude that we have unconsciously taken over some things. Therefore we are willing to remove a song from our website immediately, if you send us a sheet of music of the corresponding song or piece of music and if this song was written before our song. Therefore, we do not accept warnings with costs. However, we may point out that the right to reprint expires 80 years after the composer’s death.

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