To live as a Christian

I become a Christian by accepting for myself what God has already done and giving thanks for it.

My life does not become new by accepting Jesus’ forgiveness but then striving to make myself a better person. Jesus Christ was made for us by God for wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and salvation (1 Cor. 1:30). Everything is already given by God, I only need to take it in faith. When I live with Jesus, this makes God more and more visible in my life. The only decisive factor is that we are in Christ, that is, in a close intact relationship with Jesus. This means:

  1. I must be determined to forgive all those who have wronged me, hurt or harmed me, or made my life hell. The decisive factor is the decision to forgive. In severe cases, it may take years for the soul to come to peace about this. But if we do not forgive, God does not forgive us either, and we even lose the forgiveness we have already received.
  2. If I have sinned (this interferes with my relationship with Jesus), I must confess my sin to God as soon as possible and turn away from it so that I can be in Christ again and He can work in me and through me.
  3. I need His power, His love and His insight for everything.
  4. I believe that God makes the impossible possible in my life and in the life of everyone else, if you just let Him.
  5. I believe that God loves me very much and that He has the perspective and the overview of my situation. Therefore, I believe that whatever God asks me to do is the very best for me and for everyone involved.

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