What happened in 2011?

We care for a bedridden woman in our home who cannot be cared for during the day either by her working husband or by her school-age daughter. On Good Friday she passes away. After her death, almost no adults from our village come to our church service.

We have to go to Laos every 3 months to renew our visas.

Malin Phila is getting married, and she and her husband are staying with us at first, and later in Kanchanaburi. On Sunday they are at the church service and Malin translates. Since the family moves to Bangkok, Malin ends her participation with us in early summer, and we have to hold the services without a translator. Most of the time it is Reiner who preaches in Thai. In the beginning, it is almost only Bible passages strung together in Thai, but little by little he formulates more and more of his own sentences in Thai.

For jewelry making we had very good and skillful workers, but we could not find any more sales for our jewelry. So we had to stop the jewelry production.

In addition to Noi, we support Ploi, a gifted student whose parents earn too little to cover all the costs necessary to attend high school.

We owe a lot to the Philadelphia Church International Frankfurt, which sent us out, and have always been treated very well by their leaders. However, this congregation is embarking on a new path during the year, which we cannot go along with. Therefore, after careful consideration and consultation with CTTM during our trip to Germany in the fall, we feel compelled to leave the association of Philadelphia-Gemeinde International Frankfurt. Since then we have been missionaries of CTTM, the Thai organization to which our church continues to belong. We keep the name of the church because brotherly love (in Greek “Philadelphia”) is very important to us and a church with this name is presented in the Bible as exemplary. It is also an example for us. We want to be open to all nations here locally, Thais, Burmese, Karen, and Mon and to people from all over the world.

A friend from Bangkok brings a whole car full of discarded good clothes, toys that are no longer used and purchased food and hygiene items that we can distribute to poor families in the village. The big yellow tractor to sit on is a special attraction for many months.

Even before our trip to Germany, Christine had been very weak several times. In Germany, she had to be hospitalized, and such a strong infection broke out that she almost died. After that, Christine only regained her strength to some extent in 2013.

During our trip to Germany, we had many encounters, including an evening in the Lutheran parish of Heiligenstadt in Upper Franconia. Reiner’s father comes from a village that belongs to Heiligenstadt, and Reiner had a warm connection with the Christians of this congregation for decades. The mission association “Let’s go!” e. V., which is connected to this church, is willing to send us out and accept donations for us.

This year, about 40 children and 20 adults, mostly from the poor families of the village, come to the Christmas service.

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