What happened in 2012?

At CTTM they tell us that it is difficult to get a project as large as our Children’s Village approved and recommend that we start with a house for babies in need. Christine plans this project in such detail that we could start immediately as soon as the building, the equipment and the necessary staff are in place.

We move our worship service to Sunday afternoon. Preparing the sermon in Thai still takes a lot of time.

At the request of the village mayor and the principal, Reiner agreed to teach English in the village elementary school under the condition,that he gets the school books needed from the school, that he gets free leave, if CTTM requires it, and that Christine is allowed to be with him at school as his teaching assistant. The principal of the school tried very hard that we get the many necessary papers for our work permits. When we finally got our work permits we were very surprised to read that we both were now officially teachers for English at our local primary school. As we work there for free, we don’t need any accreditation as teachers in Thailand. At the request of all the teachers at the school, we were to take over all English teaching in the school. This is 1 hour per week of 60 minutes each for grades 1-3 and 2 hours per week each for grades 4-6. In this way we taught the entire school-age youth of this village, about 140 children. Thus we are a household name for all parents of the village. Finally, we arranged it so, that Christine taught classes 1 – 3 in Reiner’s presence and Reiner taught classes 4 – 6 in Christine’s presence. We both enjoyed teaching very much, and we got many ideas. With the work at the school we were now able to get visas for a whole year. For several weeks we were also invited to train the staff of the State Education Office in Wang Pho in English.

Since this year we have supported as a third person the student Pop, who had been the best student of our elementary school, so that she can go to high school. Her mother is dead and her father earns only 200 THB per day, which is about 5 Euros. We were grateful that two German families covered the costs for the support of these three students.

Reiner was bitten on his right hand by a dog and therefore had to travel to our hospital in Wang Pho every day for weeks to have the wounds cleaned and re-bandaged.

Our neighbor Khun Suriya got cancer. At the request of the family, Reiner visited him almost daily since the end of July, had a Bible text read to him and prayed for him. Khun Suriya gave his life to Jesus in July and died in November.

Our friend, Rev. Dr. Rungson Sugunta had urged us to hold marriage seminars. We held our first marriage seminar on November 24 in Bangkok at the Christian Thai Leader Center.

We had over 100 children coming to our Christmas party this year, the majority of whom we had in class.

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