What happened in 2010?

A Christian in the village asked if a Christian church could not be planted here. After asking God about it in prayer, the Philadelphia Church Inernational Lum Sum was founded on April 4, 2010 as a daughter church of the Philadelphia Gemeinde International in Frankfurt. A total of 10 Christians are baptized. This church is affiliated with the organization Christ to Thailand Mission (CTTM), which is quite close to us internally. The church leaders of the churches belonging to CTTM attend a pastors’ meeting every 3 months, which lasts several days, and the churches attend a camp once a year.

A suitable plot of land for the children’s village is offered, about 25 ha at the price of 15 million THB.
Noi is an intelligent boy who should definitely go to high school. We give him monthly money for the trip to the high school and for lunch there, because his single mother cannot afford this money.

Reiner had been praying for Christine since 2008. At the end of April, God shows him that he should marry Christine. They get engaged over the Internet in early May. Christine flies to Germany in early June. We have a dream wedding in July. After our honeymoon we take 4 more days to listen to God and we are very surprised that we are one about our project and mission in Khaosamchan. Actually we were ready for Reiner to stay at his school for one more school year, because it is extremely difficult today to get a replacement for a physics teacher who is leaving. But when, after our prayer, two new physics teachers come to the school, Reiner can finish his school service at the end of August and we can fly to Thailand on September 22nd. We are very surprised how easy Reiner finds it to get along with the mentality of the Thais and with the simpler life in the village. However, learning the language is progressing very slowly for him at the beginning.

When we arrive in Khaosamchan, we find that no more children come to our house. Later we learn that the deputy principal had officially forbidden the school children to come. Through a conversation with the principal in November we achieve that this prohibition is revoked. After that, children start coming to our church service again, and at Christmas we organize a Christmas party in the village, which is attended by 60 children and 20 adults.

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