What happened in 2009?

Saengtawan decides to go to her home in northeastern Thailand. The parting happens reconciled, and so God can use both Saengtawan and Christine to build His kingdom in both places. In this separation, Malin Phila, a Christian from Bangkok, helps her, who then decides to live with Christine. Malin becomes a very great help to Christine, among other things because she can translate.

Christine goes to Bangkok for 6 months to a language school to learn the local language Thai. It will be a very difficult time for her, partly because she will be seriously ill for 2 months.

Children from the village come to visit and are looked after and fed, especially on Saturday. Occasionally there is a big children’s day. Some children and adults entrust their lives to Jesus.

To give women in need a way to earn money, jewelry manufacturing is started. The production goes very well, and so do the sales in 2009.

A larger, two-story house with a large garden is rented and renovated. It will then become our home.

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