What happened in 2021?

We set up an archive on the 2nd floor next to our office.

Since climbing stairs is now very tedious for Christine, we set up an 8 square meter area with air conditioning on the ground floor in the room between the kitchen and dining room , where her nursing bed and office workstation are located, and we tried to make it beautiful.

Christine’s health continued to deteriorate. Therefore, we decided to get her a stable wheelchair with electric drive and electric adjustment of the backrest and footrests, which she is very happy about. Sitting on the wheelchair, she can work well on the computer. Therefore, an important part of her work now is contact with donors in Europe and the USA and recipients of donations in India and Pakistan. With the new wheelchair, however, it was quite difficult to move around in Christine’s new work area. Therefore, on June 24, 2021, we decided to give up our guest house, which Christine can now no longer manage and which is now unused because of COVID. The two guest rooms of 12 square meters each will now become Christine’s bedroom and office. When we rebuilt this house, we had the strong impression that we should make it barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Of course, this is very beneficial to us now. The large covered space behind the two rooms was closed off with wire mesh to protect it from insects and cats, but is otherwise very airy. It is now the room for our breakfast and dinner.

With Christine moving out, our former shared bedroom and office are now Reiner’s bedroom and office, which he now enjoys designing himself.

The action taken against COVID 19 has had serious consequences in the 3rd world.

In April Christine taught at a women’s conference of the Deborah ministry in Khon Kaen and in June at a ZOOM conference for Thai women.

In March 26-April 30, Reiner gave 23 devotions of 20 minutes each over ZOOM, going through the letter to the Ephesians verse by verse.

In our garden, a hydroponic system was created by our garden staff to provide us with fresh and clean lettuce.

In our village, we can continue to support a greater number of people.

In December 2021, COVID restrictions were relaxed enough to allow a meeting of pastors and missionaries in Khon Kaen again. There we were warmly welcomed.

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