What happened in 2020?

Our newsletter is now also published in Dutch.

January 10 was the State Children’s Day at our local government elementary school, in which we also participated and offered fruit.

February 12 – March 13, 2020 we traveled to Pakistan again.

Because of the Corona virus, Thailand declared a curfew on March 25, 2020, although only 58 people had died in Thailand out of a population of nearly 70 million, in whom fragments of the Corona virus could be detected in the blood. For us, wearing the face mask in public is an arduous burden because of our limited heart and lung function. We look forward to going home and know our lives are in God’s hands. Therefore, we do not fear the virus. Since we cannot justify a youth ministry with mask and “social distancing”, our youth ministry was cancelled without replacement until the mask obligation in the schools is abolished. Our Sunday services were also abolished; we met informally in small circles around the dining table. Support for the poor continued.

We are regularly at the services for YWAM staff at the YWAM center in Kanchanaburi.
Nothing had happened in the processing of our foundation application, so on June 17, one of the district office managers took over the processing of the application. Some things still had to be done until we could hand in all our documents completely to our district office on October 19, 2020. On November 2, we heard that it was planned to forward our application to the provincial governor the week after next, who would then register the foundation. We could assume that the examination of our application had been largely completed and that the foundation would most likely be registered. However, since we had learned the day before that due to a new regulation in Thailand a foreigner could not be the chairman of a foundation, we withdrew our foundation application.

On November 25, Reiner gave a teaching session on hope at YWAM Kanchanaburi.

Christine had her 4th heart attack in the fall, and it makes walking and climbing stairs very difficult.

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