What happened in 2018?

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On January 2 – 10, 2018, we went on vacation away from home.

On January 12, 2018, we helped with the State Children’s Day at our elementary school.

On January 18, Christine had her 2nd heart attack while in the state provincial hospital because she had been kept there the day before as part of a routine checkup right away. Then from January 21 – 27 she was in the large provincial state hospital. Christine became much weaker she can no longer do heavy physical work. The distribution of food to the poor is still possible, because Khun Fon and Khun O do most of it after consultation. She can no longer manage to be present in House 3 three afternoons a week, and she can no longer hold the children’s program on Saturdays. Khun Paeng then takes over, at first partially, later fully. Christine now has to sleep in a used nursing bed in our living room, which was given to us as a gift. Reiner’s physical strength has also decreased significantly. Outdoor activities are therefore hardly possible at the moment. Reiner learns Thai and writes small scripts.

Khun Aew, a neighbor, had liver cancer. We prayed for him and he was doing much better.

At the suggestion of state officials, we decided to initiate a foundation. This was then in the coming time mainly Reiner’s task in consultation with Christine. He wrote the statutes of the foundation in Thai and organized everything that was necessary for the submission of the foundation application. Friends of YWAM Thailand in our province agreed to form the foundation board with us.

For the foundation we needed a foundation office. Since this was not possible in our houses, Khun O and Khun Fon offered us to build the foundation office as an extension to their house and to rent it to us. They started with it at the end of June and after its completion and furnishing we could inaugurate it on October 5.

Since Christine was getting stronger again and no longer had to be in her nursing bed for Sunday services, we decided to hold our Sunday services in House 1 beginning May 27.

On July 19, Reiner began a period of illness that lasted about a month and left him very weak with problems in the ureter, prostate and testicles. and various hospitalizations. On one day, the ureter was blocked for many hours due to swelling of the prostate. Reiner’s life was saved by emergency surgery.

For Christine, collecting and forwarding donations for India, Pakistan and Nepal had now become very important as she can do this sitting at her computer.

Khun Aew suddenly became worse again, and within a few days he had passed away.

On October 22-24, we were at CTTM’s Church Camp at a large resort in the countryside.

On December 3 – 6 we were at the meeting of pastors and missionaries of CTTM in Khon Kaen.

On December 24 – 30, Heidi and Matthias Mund visited us.

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