village for children

We plan to build a Christian village for people in need:

  1. for children (age from birth to adulthood) in need, e.g. orphans, disabled, with mental or behavioral problems,
  2. for unprovided old people,
  3. for bedridden people who are not cared for,
  4. for people in personal crisis situations.
  5. For young people we want to offer “3 months reserved for God”, during which they live, work and learn in the Village for children and prepare themselves for life as adults in their families and professions.

This village should have its own agriculture and gardens to provide for itself and those in need in the surrounding area.

In addition, the village for children should support our local community, e.g. by providing emergency aid and outpatient care for the elderly and sick.

We want to design our village in such a way that similar projects can be built up by poor villages in rural Asia on their own and maintained and supported by them in the long term.

In the center of the village for children there is a big church. All other buildings of this village are grouped around this church. There are a baby house, 13 family homes, kindergarten, preschool, primary and secondary school, training farms, a medical outpatient clinic and a children’s hospital. In addition, there is an agriculture for self-sufficiency.