What happened before 2009


Christine heard God say, “One day you will be in Thailand.”

A few years later, a prophetically gifted friend says to her, “One day you will work with children.”


November-December Christine gets the money for a plane ticket to Thailand as a gift and is on the road for 4 weeks as a backpacker. She wants to experience the country, the people, culture, religion, politics, social structure a little live.


In the summer on a Sunday morning around 4:30 a.m., Christine receives a vision from God to build a village in Thailand for children in need.


In the spring, on a mission trip to Thailand, Christine has the opportunity to spend three weeks in the village of Khaosamchan in a simple house. God later asks her to go to this village for Him, and in December 2008 she lets herself be sent there by the Philadelphia Church International in Frankfurt, to which she belongs. With her goes Saengtawan Wasshausen, a Thai Christian who had lived in Germany for a long time.

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