What happened in 2014?

Our school lessons of one hour per week continued until the end of the school year in March 2014. For the new school year we did not receive any more work contract from our elementary school.

CTTM agreed to help us get visas for missionaries. However, the processing and approval by the Thai Ministry of Religion and the Immigration Office took several months. We had to bridge the time until then by tourist visas after our visa for teachers expired.

First we went to Cambodia for 5 days, stayed in Thailand as tourists for 30 days, then went to Laos on a tourist visa for over 7 weeks and then back to Thailand on a tourist visa for 60 days. We had an invitation to Chiangmai so we traveled to Chiangmai and to Chiangrai for over 2 weeks. With an invitation to Phuket, we then traveled there for over a week. Since Reiner got a strong infection and had to be treated, we were able to get our tourist visa extended for 30 days. In September, we finally learned that our missionary visa had been approved, and we were able to pick it up in Cambodia. Since September 23 Reiner is officially in Thailand as a missionary and Christine as his wife, and since November 13 he holds an official work permit for it. Since December 17, we now have one-year visas with multiple entries until December 21, 2015.

This year a close cooperation with the church “House of Grace” in Lum Sum village 11, has been established. Their pastor Jupin and her co-worker Jotaka helped us a lot.

During the school vacations in autumn and the weeks after, children from the village often came to us. Christine took care of them.

God helped us a lot in holding the Sunday services and gave us new songs, some in Thai.

On December 20, we held our Christmas party, which was probably better than any of our previous Christmas parties.

Around Christmas, Christine suffered a heart attack that left her very weak and limited both of us to duty around the house.

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